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Hi! My name is Michelle Lee and I am currently a junior at Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest. When epilepsy took over my sister’s body, my family started to break apart: my sister was in the hospital and my parents were overwhelmed in taking care of her. As we all struggled to face facts and accept our unfortunate situation, I remember feeling like an outcast. As my little sister was battling the constant assault of seizures, I fell deeper into a dark hole of loneliness. I craved the attention of my parents, as I was still young, but knowing that my sister Chloe needed them, I retreated deeper into myself for solace, where at times I harbored dark thoughts.


Chloe still suffers from episodes; however, unlike before, I am by her side, holding her hand and encouraging her to fight back with everything she has.


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Have any questions? Want to join the community? Feel free to reach out and get connected! 

My friends became an amazing outlet for me to start voicing the thoughts and emotions I withheld from the world; amazingly, talking about my problems started to relieve the pressure off my chest.


I started to accept what I was going through and realized that my little sister needed me more than ever. 


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