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Hello! Thanks for coming onto my website. Every so often, I will be posting blogs about the experiences I have with my sister. I hope many of you will be able to relate to them and understand that you are not alone in your thoughts.

With everything going on right now, I feel like life at home is becoming more stressful. Not only for me who had to finish off my junior year through a computer screen, but for my mom and my sister Chloe. My sister had to also finish off her school year through a computer screen but, this scenario was much harder for her. She had to learn colors, distinguish different actions, learn how to speak, and make eye contact through a Google Meet call. Not only was my sister going through hardships, but my mom was too. She had to wake up earlier and get my sister fed. She was always sleep deprived but had to make sure my sister was paying attention and answering the questions. There were times where she wanted to give up. And because she wanted to give up, I knew that I had to step in and convince her to keep going on.

At times like this, I feel like I was forced to grow up and become mature at such a young age. And there are times where I hated having to take on so much responsibility. But, you have to realize that you were put into that position for a reason. Be there for your parents. Whether you realize it or not, they are also humans with emotion and want to give up too. Take the maturity that you are given and help them. I had to grow up and act older than I am ever since 6th grade. There are times where I want to throw a tantrum and act my age and rebel. And it is okay to feel like that. Don’t bash yourself for feeling this way. You are, honestly, like a guardian angel for your parents. Without you, they wouldn’t be able to handle all the stress that may come from your siblings. Be mature but also be a kid. You are acting the right way and there is nothing that can go against that.

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Michelle I’m so proud of you and ur killing it in all aspects

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It’s hard to make a website, let alone one so personal. Good job, Michelle.

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This is an amazing site! I’m so impressed Michelle — you hang in there. You have so many people rooting for you and your family.

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