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Hi guys! I know, it's really been a while. Senior year and coronavirus isn't really the best combination. And speaking of coronavirus, I wanted to share an experience I had with my sister and wearing masks.

The new school year started and of course, in order to get into the school, everyone needs to wear masks. It's hard for ME to wear a mask in school. You feel trapped and it is harder to breathe for a long period of time. So, imagine how it is for my sister. It was so hard for her to go through online school last year. It was hard for her to sit down and pay attention and it was harder for my mom to get my sister to pay attention. So, we wanted to make sure she could go to physical school this year. But, she was so adamant on not wearing one. She would immediately take it off and since she can't talk, it was hard for her to understand why she needed to wear one. I mean, even for a "normal" kid, how do parents explain why they need to wear a mask?

I wanted to write this blog to encourage you guys. If there is anyone reading this where your family is struggling to get your sibling to wear a mask, I encourage to not feel discouraged. Help your parents. For my family, we slowly made her become comfortable to a mask through menial tasks. My mom holding one hand and me holding another, it prevented her from taking off the mask. We went into Target or the supermarket and did this strategy. Little by little, the trips to the store became longer and she felt more comfortable. She may not always be perfect and wear a mask. There are times where she freaked out in the store and had to leave. But, be there for your sibling and your parents. This is a really weird time and it was hard for people like us to adjust to this new lifestyle. It will take longer for people with disabilities to adjust and we need to be their support system.

Here are some articles on children with disabilities wearing masks that I think will be helpful:

Once again, stay safe and healthy!

-Michelle :)

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