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Hello! Hope everyone is doing well.

As you all probably know, the COVID-19 vaccine is currently on its way to being distributed to the general public. But, there has been "talk" and news recently about how people with disabilities may have a harder time receiving it.

Federal authorities and state officials have been asked by many to make moves in the right direction to allow people with disabilities to have easier access to the vaccines. But, you may be wondering why it can be so difficult?

In an article written by Michelle Diament on the "", access to vaccination sites involves challenges that people with disabilities may not be able to overcome.

In order to get a vaccine, people are required to stay socially distanced and wearing a mask, a task that people with disabilities may have trouble with. This is mainly because, as stated before in my blog about masks, many people with disabilities are hyper-sensitive. Senators have shared their concerns for making the vaccine distribution setting to be more accessible. For example, easier language and visuals that are easy for people to understand.

As of March 8th 2021, the Justice Department and the Department of Health and Human Services has not responded. Yet, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention emphasized the importance of accommodating for disability access.

Personally, I have seen more and more states state they are allowing for people with disabilities to receive the vaccine. But, there are almost no states accommodating to their needs. This goes back to the stigma I have been emphasizing since Day 1. There are many cases in society where society is not "built" or "meant" for people with disabilities. For example, subways and airplanes are seemingly built against those with disabilities.

In these hard and unknown times, I wish that people would think of ALL the circumstances, especially those with disabilities. Hopefully, in the future, things will change to make it easier for those with disabilities to access vaccinations.

Have a great rest of your week and stay safe!


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