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Our Mission

Cornerstone 4 Siblings was founded with one major objective in mind: to create a non judgmental and open-communication platform for people with disabled siblings to come together. Those that seek out our organization come with a background of struggles within their families and difficulty acclimating to their environment. By providing a safe and open environment, our members are able to share their predicaments and seek solace from others who are experiencing similar issues.

We encourages members to speak out about their hidden emotions and learn to work through problems instead of bottling them inside. There are moments when people with disabled siblings will feel out of place, which leads them to feel like an outcast and an unnecessary part of the family. At times, unwittingly, people with disabled siblings are embarrassed about their sibling’s disability. For such members, we utilize the R.A.P.I.D method in hopes to show support and communicate their emotions in a safe, intimate environment. With the help of communication and emotional support, it is our goal to provide our members with confidence and encouragement in resuming their role as a supportive sibling and overcome self-inflicted emotions.

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With the two siblings that I have, I have learned countless lessons that I want to be able to share with you.

Cornerstone 4 Siblings works to help siblings understand that they are not alone in their thoughts.

Cornerstone 4 Siblings is a place to seek communication and help from others with similar struggles to yours. 

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